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14 years together Crespi® and X-static® for a safer mattress fabric

14 Apr 20

When did the collaboration between Crespi® and Nobel Biomaterials™️ start? 
Crespi® had the idea to use the X-static fiber to produce mattress fabrics in 2006. It was an extraordinary news in Europe and some mattress producers started to promote it.
Why does X-static® protect your mattress from bacteria?
Because its silver technology is efficient in an everlasting way without the use of chemical substances. It is not a nanotechnology, just Silver.Whenever this technology gets exposed to humidity, air or oxygen, a reaction of the silver atoms occurs on the X-static® surface, forming silver ions. These ions separate and create an actual anti-microbes protective barrier, going through the bacteria’s membrane and attacking their DNA, together with manifesting a strong inhibitory action and interrupting their mutation and reproduction.
You may ask, is it possible to use the X-static® technology also inside mattresses and pillows?
Yes! Crespi is proud to announce that It has created a layer fabric to integrate inside the finished product and its function is not just against bacteria but it also keeps the temperature under control.
Which other uses has Crespi® experimented with X-static®?
During this terrible sanitary emergency, one of Crespi’s customer has utilised X-static® fabrics also for a washable high-tech mask prototype in a testing phase. In this case, the breath humidity stimulates the silver ions which protect the person and the mask from bacteria. The X-static® jacquard woven fabric is safe also in direct contact with the skin as it is Oekotex-Tex Class 1 certified.
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Link X-static video: www.mcrespi.com/product/x-static-silver-fiber/