The Company:
Manifattura Crespi

"Sustainability, Innovation and Efficiency"

Manifattura Crespi is a family company of long tradition, since 1954 produces fabrics for mattresses, mattress covers and pillows. Crespi has always invested in the search for innovative technologies to be applied to its products, so much so that the fabrics are used not only for "bedding" but also for special uses in the "Hospital" sector and also for car seats in the "childhood" sector .

Create the perfect
environment for sleeping

The production includes both jacquard fabrics (warp-weft) and stretch knit fabrics (circular looms) produced with special fibers and finishes.

The company has invested a lot of energy in the quality of its products and to guarantee the end consumer all the necessary guarantees.

The fabrics of the Manifattura Crespi are safe and do not contain dangerous substances even for children because they are analyzed and certified annually according to the "OekoTex" requirements of the most severe category, just the class 1. In addition, the company adheres to a voluntary traceability system called TF Traceability & Fashion, ie each fabric is equipped with an "identity card" with the origin of the raw materials, the place of production and finishing, certifying its product an authentic "Made in Italy".
In 2004 Manifattura Crespi was awarded by Confindustria for its 50 years of activity and product innovation. The company is also "supplyer member" of EBEA of Bruxells (European Bedding Industries Association), the association that unites the best European bedding companies that every day try to maintain competitiveness through innovation.