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The Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial Jacquard woven for mattress-covers (Hotel and Home sectors)

17 Sep 20

Dear Customers, After a long time, the microbiological analysis have finally arrived from the UK and Switzerland. We have invested a lot of efforts in the “Crespi® Anti Viral” projects and now we are glad to inform You that the results confirm the efficacy of our fabric. During the lockdown we were active with a small production to supply the Hospitals nationwide and in that period we tested different technologies and solutions to eliminate in a safe way viruses and bacteria on the fabric surface using the Swiss silver technology (72%Bio Based): Our goal is to offer an effective protection against contamination and transmission of viruses and bacteria that use textiles as a hosting surface We created a Jacquard woven suitable for washable mattress or pillow covers, produced with breathable pure cotton fibers and most of all anti viral and anti bacteria certified. To be sure of the fabric efficacy, before testing, the technicians washed the samples more than 30 times at 40/60°C, reaching the following results: Staphylococcus aureus bacteria elimination 96,33% method ISO 20743:2013, effect within 20 minutes, Feline Coronavirus elimination 94,73% method ISO 18184 in 2h, The active ingredient is effective in minutes (2-5) and it is harmless to skin, body and environment. If we consider that these results have been obtained following several washes, the "PC302 Crespi® Anti Viral Cotton” is safe and effective. This certified line will be proposed in the Hotels and Home sectors. For further information contact us at: sales@mcrespi.com.