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Resistex® Carbon

Molecular fiber Carbonio” fabrics are produced using Resistex® yarn containing carbon on the surface, which is the area in touch with the body, thus transmitting the following benefits:

  • Antistatic effect, due to its conductivity: the fibre absorbs and disperses electric charges accumulated by the body during the day, giving a relaxing and anti-stress effect.
  • Bacteriostatic effect; the carbon contained in the fabric is able to eliminate a great range of bacteria, acting on the micro-organism cell walls, avoiding the risk of unwanted allergies.
  • Thermoregulator, because carbon is a good heat conductor and thanks to this peculiarity it quickly dissipates the excessive heat, keeping the body at an ideal temperature
  • Natural, 100% natural, non-toxic and does not contain chemicals.
  • Permanent, all its natural features do not diminish with the passing of the time and are washing resistant

Protection from static electricity:

Extensive studies in the ESD (Electro Static Dishcarge) field, have shown that the problem of controlling static electricity and electric field variables is linked to any type of environment.

As the human body is affected by the influence of these natural events, carbon is useful to improve the electric performances by promoting a regular blood circulation.

High conductivity Resistex® Carbon features also allow to improve the moisture dispersion favouring sweat evaporation; a lower level of moisture in contact with the skin will give a greater feeling of wellbeing and comfort.

Tests on fabrics made with Resistex® have been carried out at “Centro Sviluppo Allenamento” in Como, in order to prove its characteristics of dissolving body electric charges in less time than other fabrics made using synthetic or natural fibres.

See attached test.

“Try Carbon, for a natural wellbeing”


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