Organic Origins

Organic Cotton

Earth Element Organic Cotton” line includes 100% pure organic cotton jacquard  (100% pure Cotone Biologico) and woven stretched textiles with GOTS certified organic cotton surface certificato GOTS.

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a technical regulation for organic textile certification, supported at international level by some of the main organisations which promote organic farming around the world.

The organic cotton is grown in protected fields, traced and cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides on it. It also considers an ethic factor in which all the workers are equally rewarded and aged over 18.

The protected fields are fertilized in natural ways in order to keep parasites away using ancient methods such as Neem tree leaves juice which has an elevated natural insecticide power.

Neem tree

Even during both fabric production and finishing phase, no chemical substances which could contaminate the nature of the raw material are used. For this reason it can also be employed to produce textiles for children.

“Earth Element Organic Cotton” line includes 100% pure organic cotton jacquard (100% Cotone Biologico) and woven stretched textiles with a 35-40% organic cotton Surface.

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Manifattura Crespi has tested at Centrocot Lab- Italia the organic cotton textile quality showing the total absence of any chemical substance:


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