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Trevira CS Mattress Tickings – Antimony-free

20 Feb 20

Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that from January 2020 all of our Trevira®CS flame retardant mattress tickings are available in Antimony-free version.

It is well known that this substance is present in all polyester fibers and its hazardous properties are noted, so in this way we think to offer a safer fabric for the hospital and hotel sectors.

Greenpeace has also spoken about this substance in the Detox campaign in collaboration with the fashion industry with its most important brands with the goal to eliminate Antimony from 2020.

In EU the accepted range is 300 ppm, Ecolabel® rules are lower than 260 ppm and the Oeko-Tex® requires < 30 ppm.

All of our fabrics line are Oeko-Tex® Class 1 certified and from now on “Antimony" will be totally eliminated. It is an important change for the mattress industries to grant the most performed and greenest quality.

Feel free to contact us for further information or requests: sales@mcrespi.com

Kind Regards!