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Cell solution® clima

Thermo Comfort Cell Solution® Clima” line is made using fibres coming from eucalyptus woodpulp Tencel® which uses PCM (Phase Change Material) technology, a patented spinning process through which paraffine is embedded in crystalline and tear resistant fibres thus producing micro composite accumulators able to absord extra body heating.

PCM main aim is to keep a constant body temperature enabling people comfort and a better sleep.

These textiles are essential because, acting as a filter, they are able to compensate the extra heating realised by polyurethane and memory foam mattresses and pillows.

PCM technology main advantages are:

Humidity and sweat are removed through wood fibres as its interior porosity helps to release a higher quantity of air, thus keeping the textile surface always fresh, smooth and dry.

How is it possible to test the thermoregulator performance?

The unique trusted test is the DSC (Dynamical Differential Calorimetry), below you can see the results.

As you can see the Cell Solution® Clima (red line 1543) obtains the best thermo performance.


“Try PCM Cell Solution® Clima technology with eucalyptus wood fibres”


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