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09 Jul 15

EBIA was founded in February 2000, the association represents the interests of the European Bedding industry, including 140 selected European companies for quality and innovation. EBIA develops specific research regarding the "mattress" in relation to direct contact with the person who rests, product safety, hygiene, and environmental protection. Ebia respects and recognizes the European safety directives (General Product Safety Directive GPSD) published in January 2002, regarding product safety and the protection of the end user. The components are:

  • 7 national associations, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spania, and Great Britain.
  • 3 gruppi multinazionali: Hilding Anders, Cauval Group and Recticel Group;
  • associated members: the supplyers of the bedding industry (Manifattura Crespi is Italy Supplyer referent);

Crespi manufacture like everyone else “Ebia supplyers members” seeks every day to improve its competitiveness by developing advanced technologies, innovating the style of the designs, the quality and safety of its fabrics. In fact, every fabric is in compliance with the European safety directives, with the requirements of the Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1 certification and the Made in Italy traceability system "TF Traceability & amp; Fashion "to guarantee a safe textile from all points of view for:

  • mattresses
  • toppers
  • mattress covers
  • pillows

The technical team of the Manifattura Crespi collaborates and updates constantly with Ebia's research to innovate and secure its fabrics. “Schoose a safe and innovative textile for your products

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