TENCEL® – Eucalyptus wood

Are you looking for a comfortable and natural textile?

“Thermo Comfort 37°C Tencel®” line guarantees an ideal micro climate for a good sleep using natural wood

pulp cellulose fibres .

Tencel® fibre, coming from eucalyptus, has an inner porous structure which allows air to circulate properly in order to

create a healthy equilibrium which regulates extra heat .

The wood fibre absorbs and eliminates 50% more of both humidity and sweat compared to a cotton fibre, keeping the textile surface

always fresh, smooth and dry.

TencelTencel assorbimento grafico

The micro-climate created inside the fibres keeps the textile hygenical and bacteria free without using further chemical products.

Tencel antibatterico

Because of Tencel® smooth fibre surface (unlike the rough cotton one) Thermo Comfort 37°C Tencel®” line textile has a silky touch.

NR 5

Tencel® eucalyptus wood quality


Micro Tencel®  softness by the Eucalyptus microfibre


Cotton&Tencel® the botanical origins


“Try Thermo Comfort 37°C Tencel® collection for a natural comfort”


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