Humidity and heat are causes for a rapid bacteria growth which provokes unpleasant odours in beds.

Sanitized® treatment acts like a deodorant controlling the bacteria growth supplying in this way the perfect remedy to this problem.

“Stop Bacter Sanitized®” fabric collection has been lab tested and certified for its proprieties:

  • antibacterial and anti dust mite with 99% reduction using method JIS L 1902-2008
  • deodorant: fabrics are always fresh and perfumed
  • the active ingredient is dermatologically approved in compliance with European and Oekotex standard.
  • permanent water resistant  hygienical protection

Manifattura Crespi owns the “Licence Partner Certificate” given by the Swiss Manufacturer for the use of “Sanitized®”

“Try the freshness and hygiene of  Sanitized® fabrics”.



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