Anti Viral Solutions

X-Static® The silver fiber

Silver therapeutic properties have been known since ancient times and they are nowadays contained in a wide range of sanitary products (such as bandages, plasters and burn treatment items) needed for their efficiency against infections.

In 1995 Manifattura Crespi was the first company at international level to use silver in its mattresses fabric. 

X-Static® choice was the logic one then because it was, and it still is, the only fiber which guarantees 99,9% pure silver protection.

Purity is important because there are no silver allergies and this has always reassured Manifattura Crespi technical staff.

“Techno – Metal X-Static®” line is made of different certified qualities; the fabric surface is produced with X-static® fibre in direct contact with the sleeping person body. .

X-Static® con puro Argento are:

  • anti viral: 95% of "Human Coronavirus OC43" are unviable after 4 hours on X-static Metallized fabric.
  • anti-germ and anti-odour: this precious metal molecules permanently inhibits the bacterial membrane thus reducing the growth of bacteria and fungi by 99.9% within one hour.
  • heat transmission: being silver a good conductor, it dissolves excessive heat, keeping a constant body temperature.
  • antistatic, it absorbs and neutralise the body electric charges giving an antistress effect.
  • does not contain chemical substances
  • permanent and washing resistant performances

“Try X-Static® precious metal wellness”


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