Smart Cell® Sensitive

Why protecting ourselves with minerals natural properties?

“Skin Care Smartcel Sensitive™” line fabrics are made with a special cellulose fibre containing Zinco, to give your skin a protective and caring effect.

The mineral is contained in the eucalyptus cellulose fibre wood pulp, making the textiles soft and able to both absorb and eliminate humidity thus creating comfort.

Zinc is mainly used in skin creams thanks to its exceptional nourishing and healing effect.

“Skin Care Smartcel Sensitive™”  fabrics don’t contain chemical substance, they protect you and care for the skin.

  • Anti-odour and bacteria smartcel sensitive zinc test anti-dustmite
  • The zinc is contained in the wood pulp fibres
  • Permanent water resistant features
  • They do not contain chemical substances

“Sleep well protected by Zinc”


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