Sport and Wellness

Resistex® Copper

Together with silver and gold, copper is a noble metal with anti-bacterial and antistatic features as well as a good thermic conductor

Molecular fiber Copper CU” line textiles are made with “Resistex®" fibres, twisted with a pure copper yarn situated on the fabric Surface

in contact with the body, thus supplying the following benefits:

  • Antibacteric, metal such as copper and silver are known as bactericidal agents and this effect is due to their action on the wall of the microorganism;
  • Antistatic, special conductive fibres absorb and dissipate electric charges that accumulate from external environment or during physical activity thus giving and anti-stress and relaxing effect;
  • Thermoregulatory, it speeds up the evaporation process, slows down the build-up of skin moisture and keeps the body at constant temperature;
  • Fight against free radicals, copper is present in the superoxide dismutase enzyme (SOD), which operates as a valid action against free radicals that cause degenerative ageing;
  • 100% natural, non-toxic, free from chemical substances;
  • Permanent, with a special structure that maintains its effectiveness over time, even after several washings.

Antibacteric performance:

“Try copper for a natural wellness”


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