Skin Care

Milkofil® organic milk

Why milk?

Skin Care Milkofil®“, soft fabrics are made using Milkofil®, a healthy yarn derived from milk and containing casein. The fibre, made from casein (milk main protein), has long-term emissions of negative ions which are beneficial for the body as they stimulates blood circulation and are natural antibacterial agents.

Milk amino acids transferred to the fibre are a perfect daily treatment for the skin:

  • the fibre contains 18 amino acids which guarantee a natural antibacterial effect
  • it stimulates blood circulation
  • it has light weaves with a lovely silky touch and a high absorbing power
  • the fibre is made with eco-compatible process without using chemical substances
  • its protective fluid is tolerated by the most sensible skins

“Try our milky soft textile”

“Skin Care Milkofil®” quality has been certified by official manufacturer Maclodio SPA, with International Certification code n°100029 del 02-02-2009.


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