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Lenpur® cultivated wood fiber

“Skin Care Lenpur™” fabrics are made using Lenpur™ a novel textile fibre coming from white pine wood pulp, a renewable source.

The characteristics of this exceptional fibres are owed to the specific types of timber used for its production, which differ from other cellulose fibres for its softness, absorption capacity and ability in realising dampness.

It is the only textile which the more you wash the softer it becomes.

It is also called “vegetable cashmere” for its unique tactile properties similar to cashmere ones, coming from wood pulp.

“Skin Care Lenpur™” textiles with wood pulp have extraordinary natural features:

  • softness similar to cashmere
  • do not attract dangerous electrostatic charges
  • fight stress
  • breathable
  • anti-odour
  • absorb and eliminate humidity

“Try the natural comfort and the anti- stress effect of the unique vegetable Cashmere containing wood pulp!”  

The quality “Skin Care Lenpur®” is certified with the International code F0072 del 3-07-2008.

Manifattura Crespi is authorized by Macofil- Hungary to use the US 005899784A patent original wood Lenpur™ yarn.


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