EBIA Association

EBIA, born in February 2000, is an association representing the European participation in bedding, with a total of 140 company members selected for both their quality and innovation.

EBIA develops specific researches about the “mattress” and its direct contact with the sleeping person, its safety, its hygiene and the environment protection.

Ebia respects and acknowledges the European General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) published in January 2002, concerning the safety of the products and the final user’s protection.

Ebia is:

  • 7 national associations: Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Spain and Great Britain;
  • 3 multinational groups: Hilding Anders, Cauval Group and Recticel Group;
  • associated members: bedding industry suppliers (Manifattura Crespi represents Italy).

As all the other “Ebia suppliers members” Manifattura Crespi is commited in a daily effort to improve its competitiveness developing advanced technologies, innovating the style, design, quality and safety of its own textiles.

Crespi bassa risoluzione

Every textile accomplishes the European Safety rules, together with Oeko-Tex Standard Class 1 certification and the traceability Made in Italy system “Traceability & Fashion”, guaranteeing a safe textile which can be used for:

  • mattresses,
  • toppers,
  • cover-mattresses;
  • pillows.

Manifattura Crespi technical team collaborates with Ebia and constantly updates its researches to innovate its textiles, making them safer.

“Choose a safe and innovative textile for your products”