“CRESPI pure TOUCH® NH3 Deodorant” made using Deocell® (lyocell and cotton) fibres eliminates alkaline odours by

neutralizing ammonia contained in both sweat and urine.

Deocell® is a natural cellulose fibre which does not cover the odours but it dissolves and eliminates them thanks to its antibacterial


The advantages of this technology are:

  • it  breaks up the ammonia chemical compounds dissolving them and neutralising the odours.
  • it is delicate on skin, does not alter the natural ph and does not release dangerous substances.
  • it does not need specific treatments to keep its characteristics.

For all these reasons it is the perfect fabric to use in hospitals and infancy products.

“Try Deocell® hygiene and freshness”.


It is amazing how the dry fabric remains odourless after spraying ammonia.

It is a certified N° CK-13-022013 product with tests carried out by Kaken Test Center in Osaka, Japan.


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