“Stop Bacter Amicor ™ Zn+” fabrics, with anti dust mite fiber Amicor ™, protects from dust mites.

The active ingredient is part of the fiber essential structure and it is water resistant.

Crespi Amicor Italiano

“Stop Bacter Amicor™ Zn+ fabric performances are:

  • antibacterial (99,9% reduction)
  • anti dust mite (99% reduction)
  • antiodour
  • water resistant

The active ingredient is dermatologically approved and in compliance with safe biocides European regulations.

Crespi, is an authorized company by  Thai Acrylic fibre CO. LTD to produce Amicor™  fabrics, you find the ” Approved Supplier Certificate”.

Customers purchaising Amicor™ certified fabrics are supplied with original labels to attach to their finished products.

“Try Amicor™ , specific for dust mites allergies”

Amicor anti-allergen


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